Young Mothers

GMM aims at rekindling hope in underprivileged young mothers. Most young girls when they have children in their teens are already psychologically defeated and makes decisions from a position of weakness in their characters that are detrimental to the health of their future. GMM helps them to rebuild confidence in themselves as well as engage them back in education or learning a trade. Profiles of these girls have been made and from there you can see some of the saddest stories ever. Commit yourself to helping a needy young mother today. See Profiles:

  1. Kimaal Unity Nain: Unity Nain, NjinikejemUnity was born on the 16th of May 1996. She lives at Njinikejem,  Belo Sub Division. She has a girl who was born in December 2014. She has been to school up to class 6 in primary school. The father is a very old man and the mother has no job, only does subsistence agriculture. This accounts for the reason she is unable to continue with her secondary education. Her mind concentrates on learning a trade even though we continue to encourage her to rethink education along the way. The skill she wants to learn is hairdressing. This course will be for two years and the cost of training in Belo is 100000 FCFA.
  2. Yong Lois Nengtoh:Lois Nengtoh, Baingohngtoh

    Lois was born in 1988. She lives at Baingoh, Belo Sub Division, Boyo. She has three boys who were both born on 2005, 2011 and 2015. She has no husband and face difficulties in taking care of the children. She dropped out of school in 2004 because she was pregnant. She gave through the C section. The father paid a lot of money and did not have money again for her fees. The parents do subsistence agriculture.  Lois desires to learn hairdressing  and will also be attending evening evening school so that she can write her GCE Ordinary Level Exams.The cost of training for hairdressing is 100000 FCFA and cost for her evening school studies including school needs is 150 000 FCFA.

  3. Waindim Lulita Bihmbu: Lulita Bihmbu, JinkfuinLulita was born on the 10th of October 1997. She lives in Jinkfuin, Belo Sub Division of Cameroon. She has a daughter who was born in September 2016. She has Ordinary Level GCE. She does not have money to continue with her high school education. She wants to learn a professional skill and then she can raise money to fund her education. Lulita is interested in learning hairdressing which cost is 100 000 FCFA. She would have married but she lost her fiance to death in 2017 making conditions worse for her.
  4. Loveline Itanghi, ChuakuKughong Loveline Itanghi: Loveline lives at Chuaku of Belo Sub Division. She was born on the 16th of December 1983. The father died and because the mother had nothing doing for a living, she could not continue her education. She ended only at class seven in the primary school. She is not married but already has three children, two boys and a girl. Conditions made her to have these children, though she loves much, she finds it difficult to provide their needs since she does nothing substantial for a living. Her aspiration has always been to be a seamstress. Goodness and Mercy Missions is interested in finding someone who can help her realize this dream. Having become a tailor, she will be able to find employment and have income to care for herself and family. 120 000 FCFA is needed for her training.

5. Happiness NKeyn, ChuakuHappiness Nkeyn: Happiness Nkeyn lives at Chuaku, Belo Sub Division. She was born on the 6th of April 1978. She ended at class five in primary school and could not continue because she was the one one struggling to pay her fees. She has one child, a boy. She is not married. She has always aimed at doing knitting in life. She thinks if she has the means, she will be trained to do it. Happiness needs somebody to help achieve this desire. She needs about 360 000 FCFA to do the training.


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