Increasing Employment Opportunities at Goodness and Mercy Missions, Cameroon

Graduation at Goodness and Mercy Missions 1
Increasing employment opportunities through computer knowledge has been a program of Goodness and Mercy Missions since 2008. Hundreds of students have graduated at the computer institute in Belo thus increasing their potential for easy employment. Those who have graduated are now employed in schools, hospitals, shops etc. We could not have been thus successful if without the assistance of local and international partners. One of such partners is Informatik Afrik, Switzerland who keep blessing the program with computers and sports material. This year on the 8th of July another graduation took place at the Goodness and Mercy Missions centre. Our partners from Switzerland were present and it was a grand occasion. You can support the program by looking at our links and our man website
Goodness and Mercy Missions Graduation 2
Goodness and Mercy Missions Graduation3
Goodness and Mercy Missions Graduation 4