Computer Studies, GMMAFRICA

Compute Training, GMMAFRICA

Goodness and Mercy Missions has been encouraging computer education in a very practical way.  The world has been fast changing and many things are done with the use of a computer. People learn computer at the GMM office in Belo thus increasing their access to relevant information that will be able to help them. Those who have studied computer at the centre also find it easy to get jobs.

  This summer holiday at the GMM centre in Belo, teachers, students, business people and orphan children have been beneficiaries of the computer training program. Teachers come by the numbers because computer studies are compulsory in Cameroon schools now.

All through the year GMM offers free computer training to needy students, orphans and disabled person. It has also helped create computer labs in 5 schools in Boyo with the help of HINT Buea.

The overcrowding at the centre has forced us to divide the classes, the morning and afternoon classes. There is also a need for more computers, about 40 and we just lack the funds to do Ncomputing. We lack things like good printers, photocopiers etc. If anyone is willing to help in any area can contact us at

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